Steps to Choose the Nicotine Level of E-Liquids

In order to obtain the best vaping experience, you have to consume e-liquids in the most satisfying manner possible. This means that you have to choose your flavors, an enjoyable vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio, and the right amount of nicotine. Though this might not be difficult for a seasoned vaper, the latter one can be a big problem for beginners who have just shifted to vaping from smoking. Here are some tips for obtaining the best qualities of better ejuice with the most suitable level of nicotine.

Do not Go Over the Top

When you start vaping, you might choose an e-liquid with a high concentration of nicotine. This is simply because a majority of the beginners expect e-cigs to be bad or less satisfying than cigarettes. Thus, they tend to compensate the tobacco withdrawal effect with strong e-liquid. Though this is true, you should not go over the top with it.

Excessive nicotine can make the vape harsh and this is especially true with the recent sub ohm devices. The vaping experience might become overwhelming and intense for the beginners and might keep them away from vaping. An excessive amount of nicotine might also overload the body with unnecessary elements.

Do not Start too Low

Again, if you use an ejuice with very low content of nicotine. This is because such low nicotine content will not offer you a proper throat hit. This experience can lead you to have a bad impression about vaping. If you have juts shifted to vaping then you need to try out an e-liquid with a concentration of 18mg/ml nicotine. Thereafter, you can adjust to find out the concentration that suits you the most.

Take One Step at a Time

You shouldn’t jump too quickly from one nicotine level to another. This will not do you any good and you might experience some nicotine withdrawal symptoms like headaches, nausea, and problem in focusing.

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