A Guide to Play Neopets

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A Neopet is an online game where you are given the responsibility to take of fantasy creatures known as the Neopets. The pets in this game might get hungry if you do not feed them on a regular basis. However, if you are unable to be on the site, you shouldn’t worry because your pet will not run away. In fact, you won’t be treated as a bad pet owner.

You will be able to create your first Neopet with the sign-up process. Whenever you create an account, you will be asked to create a pet. You can also adopt a pet that has already been created by somebody else. Hence, you shouldn’t stress too much regarding the decision.

How to Make Points?

The fictional world of this game is known as Neopetia. The currency of this world is Neopoints. You will be able to check the points in the right-hand corner of the game, right beside the username.

There are several ways to make these points. The most common and simple way is to play the games which are there on the site. There are different games like tower defense, word puzzles, and obstacle courses. You can also buy Neopoints with real money.

When you have been successful in making points, you can use them to purchase various things on the game. The shop’s menu will enable you to search items that have been put on sale by other players. There are food, grooming items, toys, wearables, and weapons. There are many other items that do not anything but make pretty gifts. Without Neopoints, it is difficult to do many things.

The game has a private messaging system that is referred to as Neomail. This allows you to communicate with other players. Get ready to take a tour of the fictional world that has been created by this game.